About us

We are a family company that supplies potatoes to the largest retail chains in Poland. For several years, we have been operating in the vicinity of Radomsko in the central Poland, continuing the long tradition of potato cultivation in that area. Our products come from GLOBALG.A.P. certified farms, which ensures control of the entire potato growing process.

In our facilities in Bugaj we make sure, that the quality and safety of the products offered to you complies with the guidelines of the HACCP standard, which we use during every stage of potatoes handling, starting from raw product collection through sorting and packing until distribution.

We strive to run our business basing on good business practices. We follow the Code of Ethics and Business Practices as well as we are a member of  SEDEX, a  non-profit organization which promotes responsible business practices.

We welcome all your comments and suggestions about our products. We encourage you to share your thoughts using the contact form on our website.